1. Sesame (Til) vegetable dressing

Sesame (til) is preferred by most of us as a topping in sweets, bakery products and confectionaries. Ever thought of a salad/ fruit dressing using sesame? If not, this is the perfect option. This does not restrict only to salad or fruits, but the mild flavour lets you add it to your favourite snack anytime. The blend of this dressing includes onion, pure rice vinegar and other natural additives giving it a smooth texture.

Available quantity- 200g

  1. Yuzu (Japanese orange) hot sauce- Marcy

This dressing has a unique flavour and taste. Yuzu is the Japanese orange and a well-known Chinese chef Marcy gives his name to this delicious seasoning. This seasoning is a blend of hot peppers, yuzu, vinegar, salt and black pepper, making is slightly spicy and is not limited to one style of cooking. Be it steamed vegetables, barbeque, pasta, pizza or chinese menu, Marcy suits all type of preparations.

        Available quantity- 100g