Overseas venture

Ohyama Foods co.,LTD 4th genearation
President Kenichiro Ohyama
15 years ago…
We set about working on overseas venture when I assumed as the president in 2006.

First, we got on working with Asian countries (such as Hong Kong, Shanghai,
Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam) up to 2011 for 5 years, but we could not achieve a good result.
Meanwhile, in 2009, we focused on development of business in Japan participating in exhibitions and business conventions (12times per year for 5 years) especially in Tokyo.

We have started to participate exhibitions in Germany since 2015 and USA since 2016.
We succeeded receiving large order of 200,000 Marcy as a trial when we participated Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (WFFS) in January 2016.

Since it needed to obtain ISO22000 to a full-fledged access to US market, we managed to obtain it on 14th February 2017. In this way, we have started sales market in US.
Today, we export 400-500,000 Marcy to US. There are more than 1,000 selling stores.
Afterall, we expanded our oversea market, in Australia (2017), Middle east (2019), Sweden (2019).

We set a target to achieve 10,000 Marcy selling stores in US before 2025.
Japanese Yuzu hot sauce “Marcy”, which was commenced sales 1st February in 2009, is a matured high-quality condiment made with traditional Kyushu Yuzukosho fused vinegar.
We will be able to expand the possibilities to produce 10,000 products per day, 2,500,000 products per year.
We are expecting to produce Marcy 700,000 per day and 175,000,000 per year in our Aya Miyazaki factory just like Tabasco production, and we hope to contribute happiness and good health for people who like spicy food all over the world.
In Kyushu, there is favorable condition such as warm climate, rich nature,
and pure water to produce good quality yuzu,
chili pepper, vinegar, and sea salt.
We are willing to be the most famous sauce manufacturer in the world
with such excellent environment.